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Cowgirl Poet

"The Doris Daley workshop I recently attended was one that I hated to see come to an end. Her presentation on creative writing and writing cowboy poetry in particular was both educational and entertaining. With her engaging personality and wit the time just flew by."                            
Spencer Dillard, Booth Western Art Museum

"I am much obliged that you came to Shaw Middle School. My grandfather always says that "the boots of the cowboy are only as good as the cowboy that wears them" and your boots must be pretty nifty if you ask me. I'm a fan of your work."

Randi B., 2nd period; Shaw Middle School, Reno NV

"The way you used the colours of the rainbow to describe the west was amazing."

Rachel W., 7th Grade, Shaw Middle School


Saddle up and explore the world of cowboy poetry, western history, oral storytelling, and iambic pentameter. Doris has presented her cowboy poetry workshop, “West Word Ho!” to school groups and adult creative writing classes in California, Nebraska, Montana, Georgia, Kansas, Nevada,Saskatchewan, Toronto, BC and Alberta. School presentations can often be incorporated into festival appearances.

Some things we’ll cover:

Why Cowboy Poetry: The genesis and evolution of this oral tradition. Cattle drives, land grants, exploring Canada’s western heritage, the Queen’s Cowboys, today’s working cowboy. Influences from other cultures. Urban myths about cows. Hollywood vs. real life. Where to find it on the Internet. Cowboy poetry’s relationship (first cousin) to sea shanties, Irish drinking songs, rap music, Maritime kitchen parties and rural folklore.

Wordsmithing: fun with words, building a poem, editing, likes and dislikes, figures of speech, creativity, choosing the right word. Interactive time with students, we write a poem together. The spoken vs. the written word. “A good poem is never finished, only abandoned.” (Paul Valry)

Communicating with Rhymes: humour, mood, feelings, storytelling, themes, emotions. Communicating in an art form you don’t have to plug in. Expressing your emotions, politics, opinions. The music of words.

Doris’ presentation is interspersed with lots of examples of cowboy poetry. Age groups: Grade 5-6; junior high; senior high. Group size: small groups (no more than 40) work best. Technology: a blackboard and a piece of chalk.



Dear Doris Daley.

Your poems are a work of art.

They deeply touched our hearts.

Your poems are so fu nny.

You made our snow day sunny.

We hope we can hear you again.

But please promise us you will never put down that pen!

Thank you Stampede School 4th Graders for the beautiful card, and to Grace W and Grace S for this excellent poem.

Cowboy Poetry Workshops

"Doris is one of the top female cowboy poets in North America and the best in Canada of either sex. Anything she does is good for what ails us all. I even liked her before she was any good."

Pat Richardson, Merced, CA

"Doris Daley came to Georgia like a breath of spring and shared her trade secrets as a composer and reciter of cowboy poetry with an attentive audience made up of teaching professionals, the education staff at the Booth Western Art Museum and hard-core cowboy poets.  She has the unique ability to hold a class or an audience captive with her presentation. From A to Z, this lady embodies what cowboy poetry is all about."


Doc Stovall

Entertainment Manager

The Booth Western Art Museum

Cartersville, Ga.

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Box 1552
Black Diamond, AB